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JORQUECIEL LIMITED is the true embodiment of the African dream. It has come to introduce a huge amount of high-tech innovations and updates in transport industry across the continent of Africa with the primary aim of quenching the difficulties associated with the industry in the African soil. Jorqueciel Limited came with many options previously unavailable in Nigeria to customers that have the burning desires of owing a car but could not get the lump-sum of buying a car of their choice. This is one of the main aims of the company’s priorities; putting a stop to the frustrations Nigerians are subjected to simply because they could not save to buy their dream cars. We have come with Canada standard to take Nigeria and Nigerians to the next level. Our vehicles are topnotch and aerodynamic with high-level of fuel efficiency engines. They have a complete design update, electronics package, and materials; easy to maintain and road safety consciousness.


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    Customer Charter

    Customer Charter is our commitment to our customers. We are under oath to make sure that our customers riding with us are not only safe but comfortable with a relaxed mind when on transit. We will make it a point of duty to be posting quarterly updates to let you know how we are doing along the way.

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    Meet the Managers

    We conduct quarterly Meet the Managers events, giving our customers the opportunity to speak with our managers in a personal way. During this period, our customers can meet our managers one-and-one to bare their souls on issues they found wanting. There is also a provision for those that may not like to meet our managers one-on-one. You can go through our portal in our website to drop your observations and complaints. Your feedback helps us provide the best service possible. Please let us know where we are doing well and where we can look for improvements.

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    Daily Customer Service Report

    This report is a score card that tracks the performance of our drivers; their rascality on the road, their punctuality, their carefulness with the steering, and above all, their relationship with our customers. The REPORT CARD will be placed in an area that is very conspicuous for the customers to see. You can also go to our website under “DAILY CUSTOMER SERVICE REPORT to report the driver’s performance. Make sure you write the vehicle plate number and the date of the commute so that we can link it with the driver on duty that very day.

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    On Time Departure Report

    The departure time for all our surface routes will be published monthly in order to allow our customers to know how their routes are performing.

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    Lost Items

    If by mistakes you forgot or misplaced any of your items in our vehicles, do not panic. All you need to do is just to give us a call and tell us the vehicle plate number and the time you commuted with the vehicle and a clear description of the item(s) you lost. We have every chance of having your lost item(s) in our custody. The line to call is written on the interior of our vehicles. You can as well send us e-mail at: [email protected].

  • Ten Year Corporate Plan!

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JORQUECIEL LIMITED is a transport company whose primary responsibility is to restore the international-oriented dignity in the transport industry in Africa continent and to be precise, Nigeria. With the help of the wonderful and creative employees, the drivers, and the community partners, it has become a cynosure and pacesetter in transport industry across the West African sub-region.

Mileage: 72,008
2008 ML350 4MATIC
Mileage: 120,032
2010 ML63 AMG 4MATI
Mileage: 98,653

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